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West Hollywood Pride Parade

When: Sunday, June 5th, 2022. Meet up @ 11AM. Parade starts 12PM sharp.

Location: Norton Avenue, between Crescent Heights & N. Laurel Ave., West Hollywood, CA. We are Parade Entry #100!

Come share your Pride weekend with your LGBTQ Health Freedom Community. March with our contingent for Medical Freedom!

All LGBTQ+ people and allies, vaccinated or not, are welcomed into our special community and our fight for freedom! This is an INTEGRATED event that sends a message of LOVE during a time of fear.

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WATCH NOW: West Hollywood Pride Parade VINTAGE Invite!
WATCH NOW: FreeWeho’s first ever LGBTQ Freedom Picnic!
WATCH NOW: Integrated Club Night to celebrate the end of vaccine passports in West Hollywood!

The Free Weho Coalition was founded in 2021, inspired by the French “Protest Picnics” movement outside public diners, in peaceful protest of medical segregation.

We celebrate in solidarity with the global freedom movement against health passports and mandates.

We welcome everyone. See you at our next monthly event!

Don’t be a stranger

FreeWeho is a grassroots coalition creating space for freedom-loving people within the LGBT+ community and our allies. We are a non-partisan movement that unites our community and eliminates divisions. We practice INTEGRATION, not segregation, and we believe that LOVE always wins!

Questions or comments? Email FreeWeho@protonmail.com, or sign up for our newsletter. See you at our next monthly event!

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