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WATCH NOW: Weho Uncensored Community Health Forum 12.9.2022

The Free Weho Coalition was founded in 2021 to create space for freedom-loving people within the LGBTQ+ community and our allies.

We celebrate in solidarity with the global movement for medical freedom, inspired by the French “Protest Picnics” in peaceful resistance to medical segregation & vaccine discrimination.

Previous Events

WATCH NOW: Protest for health freedom at the LA County Board of Supervisors DEBATE!
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WATCH NOW: Integrated Club Night celebrating the END of health passports in West Hollywood!
WATCH NOW: FreeWeho’s first ever LGBTQ Freedom Picnic!

In the Press

Recent Posts

PROTEST @ Screen Actors Guild Awards, featured on KPFK 90.7FM Rebel Alliance News
Reaching out at Children’s Health Defense California Chapter (CHD) Los Angeles
Free Weho representing LGBTQ+ community at historic Defeat the Mandates at LA City Hall
Malibu Times: Free WeHo & Lefties 4 Choice protest against medical segregation @ LA Board of Supervisors Debate

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